4 Research Data Management Essentials

Data Management Sep 05, 2019

Every researcher, historian and scientist knows that data is the key to reliable results. If you have poor data management tools, you could be looking at setbacks that could take years to recover from. Here are four essential facts that should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to protecting your research data.

1. Know Current Data Management Limitations

Depending on your organization, there are certain methods already set up to manage research data. This could be as simple as a shared folder on a server, or as complex as an entire data management suite. Find out how your data is protected, if it is stored off-site or on location, and who has access to files and information.

2. Examine Your Research Data Management Plan

Where your files are stored is only part of a Research Data Management (RDM) plan. You also need established rules for researchers to adhere to that ensures information is backed up regularly, and files are placed in the appropriate locations. With a good plan, everyone is on the same page and you will greatly reduce the possibility of lost data.

3. Utilize Software to Help Organize Data

Generally, initial RDM plans result in improvised and unsecured storage and retrieval. Using basic rules and basic equipment provides only the most basic of data safety. Programs like Genemod provide ways for students and instructors to exchange data and also provide backups and security to keep that data safe in case the worst happens.

4. Make Retrieval Easy for Research Data Analysis

Data is only useful if it can be accessed. Make sure your information is available to all those that need it, otherwise you’re faced with not only constant pestering for access but the possibility of incorrect analysis. Effective RDM plans will allow for the free exchange of information as well as limiting access to only those that need it.Your research data is one of the most important aspects of your research. Contact Genemod today and make sure you have the right software to keep your data secure while providing your team with the tools you’ll need to get the best results!